What is KATE?

K.A.T.E.® (or Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine) is the smart 24/7 code tutor behind EDUKATE.AI. It is developed by Cambridge Spark and is supported by the UK governments innovation agency. KATE integrates research in source code analysis, compilers and recommender systems. KATE’s purpose is to provide highly personalised code feedback and diagnostics to learners within an industry simulated environment.

EDUKATE.ai is backed by Innovate UK

Some of KATE's features

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Instant feedback

Submit your code and KATE provides feedback instantly, helping you understand how to develop your skills and improve your code quality.

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Real life applications

Our projects apply skills to real-world situations, simulating a data science environment in a range of sectors from finance to media.

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Adaptive learning

The more work you submit to KATE, the more we understand your learning needs and can help you identify key skills to practice and develop.

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KATE uses git, meaning it exploits version control to see how you progress over time. You can also use your own toolchain and editors, or work as a team.

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Relevant metrics

KATE reports back to you with benchmarks and diagnostics. This includes software metrics and machine learning metrics to make sure your code is up to scratch.

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Fully personalised

KATE will offer you personalised exercises and reading recommendations based on the code you submit. This helps you learn more effectively.

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