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K.A.T.E.® provides Data Science and Software Development training, assessment and recruitment solutions for forward-thinking companies around the world.

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About K.A.T.E.®

K.A.T.E.® ( or Knowledge Assessment Teaching Engine ) is a SaaS proprietary system for Data Science training and assessment. It is developed by Cambridge Spark and is supported by the UK’s government innovation agency. K.A.T.E.® integrates research in source code analysis, compilers and recommender systems. K.A.T.E.®‘s purpose is to provide highly personalised code feedback and diagnostics to learners within an industry simulated environment.

Many organisations have adopted K.A.T.E.® to build internal Data Science capability and close technical skill gaps at scale, complete with a customisable talent management and assessment dashboard, K.A.T.E. Analytics, designed to optimise your talent development processes. K.A.T.E.® supports Python, SQL and Spark.

Dr. Heiko Schäfer, Quantitative Developer, IMC Trading
Dr. Stephen Simmons, Athena Research, JPMorgan
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Features That Matter


K.A.T.E.® promotes unit testing and compliance to coding standards by integrating Pep8, Pylint and Cyclomatic Complexity.


You submit code to K.A.T.E.® using GIT. This means K.A.T.E.® exploits version control and you receive feedback via continuous integration. This allows you to use your own tool chain and editors such as a notebook, pycharm or vscode as well enable team collaboration.

Instant Feedback

You never have to wait to receive feedback on your code and projects. K.A.T.E.® provides immediate feedback on how you are performing. You can submit as many times as you want.

Personalized Recommendations

K.A.T.E.® learns about you and gives you reading recommendations so you can continuously learn.

Adaptive Learning

K.A.T.E.® learns your strength and areas of improvements every time you submit code. This way K.A.T.E.® can offer you a personalised set of exercises to help you bridge the gaps quicker and more effectively.


K.A.T.E.® reports relevant metrics and diagnostics so you can effectively benchmark your  code. These include software metrics such as PEP8, Pylint, Cyclomatic Complexity, Unit Tests and Machine learning metrics such as accuracy, F1 score, MSE and confusion matrix.

For Learning and Development

K.A.T.E.® provides structured, expert-led data science and coding projects, enabling you to upskill, reskill and onboard team members quickly and effectively.

  • Customisable content supports your organisation’s needs and objectives

  • Live-coded online videos, interactive exercises and project-based assignments offer an interactive, blended learning experience

  • Instant personalised feedback and content recommendations to address each individual’s skill gaps

  • Industry-simulated learning environment ensures the use of version control tools and coding best practices

  • Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard enabling you to track progress and quantify improvement in technical proficiency

For Assessment and Evaluation

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Become more efficient and productive by eliminating time spent on technical assessment and marking. K.A.T.E.® automatically evaluates each individual’s capabilities aligned with industry software development practices and Machine Learning methodologies.

  • Assesses the accuracy and quality of each code submission, focusing on production ready Data Science code standards

  • Provides a real-time Monitoring and Analytics Dashboard to measure both employee engagement and performance

  • Produces immediate feedback reports on PEP8, Pylint, Cyclomatic Complexity, Unit Tests and Machine Learning metrics

  • Supports Python (scikit-learn, keras, pandas, numpy), SQL, Spark

  • Supports pluggable evaluation metrics to provide you with custom diagnostics

For Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

K.A.T.E.® allows you to make quicker, more informed hiring decisions. Leveraging AI technology, K.A.T.E.® provides an adaptive assessment platform to optimise your recruiting process and helps you to find and retain the best talent.

  • Seamlessly integrates with your current systems supporting custom content and performance criteria

  • Facilitates applicant tracking and scoring, to identify top performing candidates

  • Enables you to understand a candidates thought processes by assessing code via version control

  • Offers a secure, scalable solution to support new talent sourcing strategies


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Cambridge Spark is a leader in personalised Data Science training. We offer intensive bootcamps, apprenticeships and bespoke corporate training courses that are delivered by industry and academic experts, complimented by our proprietary AI-powered data science talent development platform, K.A.T.E.®.

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