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“It was great to see so many students using cutting-edge tools and technologies to interact with financial data while exploring real-world scenarios and AI-powered platforms.”

Matthew Sattler
Head of Business Insights & Analytics at HSBC

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“KATE helped significantly to make our option pricing competition using Python a big success.”

Dr Heiko Schäfer
Quantitative Developer at IMC

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Branded projects

We will help you create a branded project that students use to apply their skills, helping increase brand awareness and understand how data science skills are applied in your business.

Run events

Target events to the talent you need. These could range from a technical seminar on campus to an online competitive challenge to generate buzz and identify top performers.

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Jobs board will host a jobs board and you can post any number of vacancies. You can set a minimum skill level for each job so that only candidates meeting that criteria can click to apply.

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Recruitment guidance

Guidance to prepare candidates for the recruitment process, such as handling interviews.


Account manager

Your account manager will make sure you are getting the most out of using the platform and work with you on using the service.

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Production ready

We promote unit testing and compliance to coding standards by integrating Pep8, Pylint and Cyclomatic Complexity.

IMC stock trading room

IMC launched a Quantitative Finance challenge allowing candidates to experience training their own option pricing models on real-world data. KATE was used to assess each candidate’s coding skills according to the specific job requirements.

Recruitment and talent acquisition provides a continuous pipeline of qualified technical students across all targeted universities. Students using the platform are motivated to learn, curious and can opt-in to engage directly with your campus events and initiatives. You receive telemetry data on engagement including project submissions, completions, targeted universities and anonymised profiling. Candidates experience an innovative and efficient recruitment process.

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2200+ students from top universities in the UK

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